Pyrenees Coast 2 Coast – Mike’s 2019 Tour Report!

Cap d'Long climb in the French Pyrenees. Pyrenees Coast 2 Coast Cycling Tour

[Mike conquering the Cap d’Long climb and switchbacks in the French Pyrenees]

In 2015 some cycling friends and I were idly  chatting about doing a European cycling tour in the near future. However, I was not that keen as despite putting in heaps of miles my riding was not improving and my hill climbing in particular was terrible. As such, I subsequently signed up to a cycling training program which had been recommended to me called Cycling-Inform (CI) and during one of the monthly member podcasts the head coach of CI introduced Paul from Sierra Sports. David the coach waxed lyrical about the tour he and his wife had just completed in Spain with Sierra Tours and Paul.

Long story short, at the end of 2018 I decided that by following the CI programmes my riding had improved enough to tackle a European tour so I contacted Paul from Sierra and to test myself on the hills we booked for the 2019 Pyrenees Coast 2 Coast cycling tour.  My wife who is a non-cyclist also came along. Prior to the tour my wife was asked by Sierra to advise what type of activities she would prefer to enjoy whilst we climbed the hills.

I can honestly say this was one of the best holidays we have had, and one of the funniest, the climbing was very scenic but tough, however it’s manageable if you’d done a reasonable amount of hill training prior. The locations we stayed at were very scenic and very comfortable and we enjoyed a lot of the local cuisine. The tour was also very well organised with both guides being very knowledgeable about the areas we passed through. Those same guides also looked after our needs, food, water, encouragement, very well whilst we were on the bike. My wife and the other non-cyclist wife were also treated extremely well and had a range of mutually agreed pre-arranged activities to fill in their day’s while we climbed hills.

While the tour ticked all the expected boxes for my wife and I, scenery, tough hills, good accommodation, food, etc what we didn’t expect was how funny our guides would be. Whilst professional in every way, morning briefings, safety on roads, etc the guys sense of humour really set the tone for this trip and made it very enjoyable for all. So much so that my wife has already set her sights on another Sierra tour in 2021.

Pyrenees Coast 2 Coast Cycling Tour

[Mike representing his Crocs Sunshine Coast crew in the French Pyrenees]

Author – Mike (Sunshine Coast, Australia)           

Tour – Pyrenees Coast 2 Coast (Sept 2019)

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