Sierra Sports & Tours would like to introduce the Gravel Cycling Tour concept with you all. We still have some work to do but the plan is to have a series of gravel bike tours ready to go once international tourism is given the greenlight. Please return late 2020 / early 2021 for more tour details!

So what does a gravel bike tour actually mean?

The tours will follow the same format as any of our road bike tours but on any given day some gravel will also be worked into the route. Gravel bikes go well on both surfaces and heading off road for a while will be fun. The quality of the off-road sectors will still be good enough for our support vans to follow close-by. Safety is key in everything we do! What we do know is that there have been literally dozens of occasions when on tour with our road bikes Jorge and Paul have looked at each other and thought if only we could take the guests down that dirt lane. The knowledge gained from hiking and mountain biking so many European regions will now be combined with our well-loved road bike routes to create a collection of new Gravel bike tours.

Gravel Bike Tours (coming soon)

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