How do you accommodate varying riding abilities?

It is true that we encounter cyclists of all types; those who love to stop to take photographs through to those who want to ride fast and hard. The first thing to consider here is that everything we do is driven by a spirit of adventure, mutual respect and safety.

We ride together on the flats to keep the group together. This is important for directions and safety. As a guide we like to maintain a minimum speed of 25km/hr on the flats.

Throughout the tour we also provide longer and shorter ride options. If you are a dedicated cyclist, our guides are happy to take you out for some extra kilometres or to show you up another climb out the back of the hotel!

We also offer another form of assistance: electric road bikes. This option can help you ride longer distances, tackle big climbs and maintain a faster pace. The only thing to consider here is that you still need to have prior experience and feel comfortable and safe riding a road bike.

As mentioned earlier, our guides will let you know when you can ride as hard as you like and when we should keep together as a group. If your idea is to ride hard 100% of the time and every day then we suggest you get a group of cycling friends together with a similar ability and ask us to prepare a private group cycling tour.

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